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  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Contact Behavior Reports
  • Deliverability Reports
  • Email Communications
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  • Excel File Reports
  • Graphic Chart Reports
  • Real-Time Tracking Results
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RadiantResponse: Reporting and Analytics

Our comprehensive reporting and analytic tools allow you to effectively gauge your email messaging campaign results and target your markets, based on contact behavior and response. When Kaleidoscopic puts RadiantResponse to work for your business, we get your messages delivered, increase customer loyalty and help build solid brand reputation.

Reporting features and capabilities:

  • Reporting dashboard to view comprehensive results of your marketing campaigns.
  • Essential monitoring tools to view your email messaging and marketing campaigns in real-time. View key performance indicators in real-time, such as opens, clicked, click-throughs, deliverability, responses and turnover. Additional reporting tools include: message forwards, survey responses, contact updates and bounce inactivation.
  • View graphic reports (charts, etc.) on message deliverability, recipients, activities, campaign-wide performance. Visual display of your message with click-through results.
  • Gauge web site activity and ROI with seamless integration of conversion tracking, and monitor your contact's interaction and behavior with your web site and landing pages.
  • Google analytics and Omniture integration enable you to effectively gauge customer and prospect behavior after each marketing campaign.
  • Build targeted email marketing campaigns based on contact behavior, survey responses and email opt-ins. Build customer loyalty based on your contact's region of service, activity and message interaction.
  • View and drill down the specifics of sends, delivers, and undeliverables. Comprehensive bounce reporting breaks down information by contact, relationship and content.
  • Export aggregated statistics and detailed contact behavior reports as an Excel file.

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