Why we chose Kaleidoscopic

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What's with the name "Kaleidoscopic" you may ask? There are many reasons why I chose it... [Greek: kalos beautiful + eidos forms + -scope to view ]

I wanted a business name that spoke of art, colors and beauty. A name that represented even changing and dynamic in nature. A name that represented precision, uniformity and detailed. A name that represented something that captures the eye of the viewer and holds their attention.

A name to represent what this business is about.

For example, my business is...

Refresh Browser Cache

If you do see changes to your web site - from your computer, you should consider refreshing your browser window a few times and possibly need to clear your computer's browser cache.

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Wondering why you don't see any changes to your web site? Yet we've indicated the changes have been made.

If you view the web site there's a very good chance you may not see any changes immediately. This doesn't necessarily mean the work wasn't done. This is because your computer's brower cache may have saved temporary files from the last visit to your web site. The reason a computer's browser may cache a web site, is so that the next time you visit the site the files already exist...