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Kristin Smith is a seasoned designer in all areas of design for print, page layout for newsletters, business marketing materials and email communications.


Kristin is a graduate of Michigan State University and has over 12 years of experience in the printing and graphic design fields. Her experience prior to working at Kaleidoscopic was in financial publishing as well as screen and large format printing. She specializes in designing  corporate communications materials and manages projects from concept to final product, helping clients every step of the way.  In addition, she is proficient in Adobe Photoshop and edits images for use in magazine advertisements and websites.

What sets Kaleidoscopic apart from other designers?

Our large skill set.
Kaleidoscopic offers great web design as well as a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of building a website. Some web designers produce great looking websites, but do not focus on producing valid, functional and search-able web code. Kaleidoscopic is the whole package. We take great pride in producing great web code that is optimized for search performance and W3C valid websites that perform as great as they look. We also have an extensive background in printing, color and pre-press and always take the appropriate steps to ensure that our designs press ready - thereby reducing mistakes and production cost. Other areas of expertise include photo editing and illustration.

Great customer service.
You can always expect us to be friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and flexible. We truly value the relationships we have with our clients. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and goals, and consider each project a partnership toward reaching those goals. At Kaleidoscopic, we work hard to meet the tightest of deadlines, as we know the need for your project may have arisen suddenly and a quick turn-around is required. Our clients consider us more as a "friend in the business" than just a company they've hired to provide a service.

Attention to detail.
This ties in with our large skill set. A website might look great, but are there any mistakes in the code that powers the web site? We make sure the answer is "no," by writing good, solid code, optimizing it for performance and validating it with W3C, the ultimate authority on web code. When designing print projects, we also thoroughly read your text and are that second (or third, or fourth...) set of eyes to help you avoid any embarrassing spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes.


Copywriting and Editorial, Design, Drawing and Sketching, Magazines, Newsletters, Page Layout, Photo Editing, Photo Manipulation, Typography

Develops With:

Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop