American Stainless Supply

Task: Cheraw, SC Website design and development

Our Role:

Design and develop new American Stainless & Supply web site with guidance on design and content layout from TrueBlue Advertsing. Implement with PageCraft CMS, develop product listings, company blog, search engine and drill down tools for product searches.

  • Business Website Design
  • Business Website Development
  • CMS Module Development
  • Creative Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing
  • PageCraftCMS
  • Product Listings
  • Search Engine Optimization

Project Notes:

TrueBlue Advertising came to us to help design and develop the American Stainless & Supply web site. We attended a meeting with TrueBlue Advertising and American Stainless & Supply for a project discover meeting to determine what the client's goals and objectives where, offer up suggestions on ways to better communicate their message and present their product line to site visitors, and to determine what kind of challenges we where facing.

It was a great meeting the staff of American Stainless. We discussed many aspects of the client's unique needs, gathered many notes and hammered out a lot of details. Once the meeting was over TrueBlue and Kaleidoscopic began building an in-depth strategy... a blue print of how we where going to proceed, what the structure of the site would like and began researching American Stainless & Supply's competition to see what they're doing, what they're doing right, what not to do and what we're going to do to make American Stainless shine above the rest.

With our site blue print and strategy in place, we began initial site design concepts to submit for review. After a few rounds of concept alterations we had a solid design in place and we began developing the site's HTML & CSS, navigation and base images elements and submitted the draft site for review. We made a few more changes to the site draft, then moved into full production and installed PageCraft CMS as the client's content management solution.

With PageCraft CMS installed, we began building cms records, fields, and installed the cms code into the site draft. From there we began spinning off site pages and customizing based on site page requirements. We continued developing various lines of code for the regular static site pages, product categories, product listings, product details, company blog, contact forms and other site pages. We then developed product drill down tools to help site visitors locate products by type, manufacturer, use and category. We build page content cross referencing throughout the site, so no matter what part of the site your on, the page always has something new posted to engage the site visitor.

With the core of the site developed we then began fine tuning the various site tools, site interactive elements, animations, rss feeds, email marketing strategy and email communication templates.

American Stainless & Supply launched Nov. 1, 2010. We've still developing more useful tools and interactive elements to engage the site visitor. This was a really fun site to design, develop. The team of TrueBlue Advertising did a great job communicating direction and managing this project and I look forward to working with TrueBlue Advertising more in the future.

Developed With: CMS Development, CMS Module Development, FormCrafter, HTML and CSS, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, PageCraft CMS, Photoshop, PHP, SEO

Region: South Carolina, Chesterfield County, Cheraw

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