Chesterfield County Library System

Task: Chesterfield County Website Design and Development

Our Role:

  • Calendar and Events
  • Content Management System
  • Creative Graphic Design
  • Graphic Illustration
  • Library Website Design & Development
  • Mobile Website Design & Development
  • Site Search Engine
  • Social Network Branding
  • Website Contact Forms
  • Website FAQs
  • Website Geo Maps

Project Notes:

CSS WinnerKaleidoscopic and TrueBlue Advertising teamed up for another website design and development project.

The Chesterfield County Library System wanted a new website that was easy to manage internally, with the ability to post calendar events, event banners, FAQs, resources, and links to other sites. We where provided a basic color palette that included purple as one of the colors. We spent a little time working on various color palettes and chose to go with a color scheme that popped off the page - without being too loud.CSS Design Awards

For the site's design approach we wanted to communicate the idea that the library is a place of facination, wonder, imagination and dicovery - which is is! The library is a place to discover all the wonders of the world and let your imagination explorer all things possible. with that idea in mind we began the design process, developed some illustrations to spark the imagination and animated areas of the site to capture the eye.

The Chesterfield County Library System has also been nominated for design and development at CSSWinner and CSS Design Awards. If you like the Chesterfield County Library System website, please cast a vote our way and help us win.

The features developed for the Chesterfield County Library System website include:

  • Event banner sliding panels
  • News ticker
  • Animated illustrations
  • Event calendar and event listings
  • Site-wide search engine
  • How do I (FAQs)
  • Resources and Fun stuf links
  • Library locations geo-maps

Once the Chesterfield County Library System website was lanuched we began development of a mobile version to the library's website. Learn more about the mobile version of the Chesterfield County Library System website.

Developed With: HTML and CSS, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, PageCraft CMS, Photoshop, PHP

Region: South Carolina, Chesterfield County, Cheraw, Pageland, McBee, Jefferson

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