Humane Animal Shelter


Our Role:

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustrations & Art Renderings
  • Site Search Engine
  • Web Design
  • Web Standards Compliant
  • Website Blogs
  • Website Development
  • Website FAQs
  • Website Photo Gallery

Project Notes:

We're in the process of developing a Humane Animal Shelter website on a tight budget. To help the animal shelter get some of the web-based solutions it needs - yet stay within their budget, we donated our time to illustrate a logo and develop the photo gallery, site search engine and slide show. The purpose of the site is to provide animal education, support, news and the means to adopt pets. The site is powered by PageCraftCMS and includes we-based solutions such as:

  • Site Search Engine
  • Photo Gallery
  • FAQs
  • Slide Show
  • Site Blog
  • Site Categories - for developing additional site pages
  • Contact Form

The image seen in this post is the original mock-up of the initial site's design. It's very likely the color of the site will change, but we liked this design approach so much that we decided to use it for our portfolio.

Developed With: HTML and CSS, Illustrator, jQuery, MySQL, Photoshop, PHP, XML

Region: South Carolina

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