Leisure Travel Experts

Task: Travel Agency Website Design and Development

Our Role:

  • Art Renderings
  • Brand Development
  • Business Website Design
  • Business Website Development
  • Creative Graphic Design
  • Illustrations
  • PageCraft Module Development
  • PageCraftCMS
  • Photo Gallery
  • RSS Feeds
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Network Branding
  • Social Network Marketing

Project Notes:

Shortly after sending out an email marketing campaign to local business, I received an inquiry about our website development services. The client was unhappy with the website service provider they had been using for a few years and needed a solution that would help their website get found in search engine results and target their markets. I asked, "what kind of site traffic are you getting now?" and was surprised when the client told me that they do good to get 4 site visitors a month. So we spent a few hours talking about his present marketing strategy, who his targeted audience is and what regions he'd like to target. We also spent some time reviewing his present website to investigate why it was performing so poorly.

Once we had completed our initial research and discovery of his present site, his present marketing strategy and marketing materials, we began developing a new strategy to help him reach those he needed to target. Part of the new strategy was the development of a new message for his website pages, written to target his markets. The development of valid website code, to ensure Google, Yahoo and Bing could easily navigate past the site's code and get to the good stuff... his message. And the development of strategic keywords and keyphrases to help him reach those markets he wished to target. With a strategy in place to improve his search engine results, we presented the client with a list of task we needed him to perform while we began developing concepts for his website design.

After a week, I met with the client and presented a few rough sketches of the initial design concept to review and he seemed quite excited about one he saw and without hesitation pointed to it and said that's the one. I had hoped he would pick the concept he had chosen and was excited about the opportunity to render the graphic illustrations the design would require. I really dig illustrating art and a travel agency website is the perfect opportunity to get very creative on the design, but better yet the subject matter will be very interesting visually.

Within a couple of weeks we had the illustrations rendered and the website design developed and approved. From there we installed PageCraftCMS to power his website and began developing the pages of his website. We built pages, created custom features and code for his site, we received the copy for his website (part of one of the task we gave him to accomplish) and edited his message to enhance and improve upon what he had to say and develop those keywords and keyphrases he needed to target his markets. We implemented the SEO strategy we had developed for him and after a few weeks of code development and site reviews, we had the site in very good shape and ready to go live.

We then met with the client on a few occasions to train him how to use his new website and PageCraftCMS. We taught him what he needed to do going forward to target new markets and how he could continue improving his search engine results. With all questions answered and the site develop process finished, we were given approval to go live. Once the site was live, we applied the remaining task required to implement the SEO strategy and wrapped up the site launch by submitting the site to all major search engines.

This was a fun project to work on, I really had a great time illustrating the art for Leisure Travel Experts and designing their new logo. I know this site is going to perform very well for our client... "It's a SEO workhorse"!

  • To design a travel agency website that is visually interesting.
  • A website that is search engine optimized so search engines can navigate past the site code and get to the good stuff... the message.
  • Develop a great message that site visitors will find interesting and enticing.
  • Develop the site to target specific markets and build awareness of the travel agency services offered.
  • A site our client can manage on their own, create new content, change out and post new photos, etc.
  • List travel vacation destinations, travel specials, etc.
  • List testimonials and photos sent in by clients of the travel agency.
  • Design and develop a new company logo.
  • Refresh the existing company brand.
  • And a few other things as well.

Developed With: CMS Development, CMS Module Development, FormCrafter, HTML and CSS, Illustrator, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, PageCraft CMS, Photoshop, PHP, SEO, XML

Region: Charlotte, Mint Hill, Matthews

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