Matheson Home

Task: Cheraw, SC Website Design and Development

Our Role:

  • Photo Gallery
  • Real Estate Website Design and Development

Project Notes:

Kaleidoscopic and TrueBlue Advertising teamed up for another website design and development project.

The Owners of "The Matheson Home" wanted to launch a website to help them sale their home. The Matheson Home is located in the historic district of downtown Cheraw, SC and is rich with history spanning 200 years. The Matheson Home is a beautiful majestic house and we needed to capture this in the website's design approach.

For the color pallete we sampled colors from the interior photography we received for the development of the site. After sampling the color schemes within the home, we selected three core complimentary colors and began designing the site. We then picked six photographs from different locations around the home, to showcase on the home page with a slideshow. Additional site design features include a photo gallery for site visitors to tour the home, home features and furnishings, home dimensions and floor plans, a page about Cheraw, SC and a contact form for those who wish to learn more about The Matheson Home to reach out to the owners and make contact.

The Today Show on NBC featured the Matheson Home on the "Real Estate for Sale" segment, by Barbara Corcoran on Friday, March 2nd.

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Developed With: HTML and CSS, jQuery, Photoshop

Region: South Carolina, Cheraw

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